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Dear friend,

Let's get people spending money with you! Here's how...

Recently I noticed something strange happening at a pair of shopping malls in Norwood, Ohio - a blue collar area near Cincinnati.

These malls are packed with people all weekend and most evenings during the week! Hmm, what gives? These are outdoor malls, so it's not the teenagers hanging around.

It's shoppers!

Yet I hear photographers say, "But Don, people just don't have money. They're not spending."

And when I drive past other malls on a Friday or Saturday evening and look at the nearby restaurants...

...Parking are lots full!

And it gets even more surprising. You see, my wife wanted a new smart phone - an iPhone.

So, 2 weekends ago we stopped at the Verizon store across the road from another mall. There was only one parking space remaining in the lot, and inside the store...

... it was standing room only!

In fact, even with 10 sales employees working the store, it took almost 30 minutes just to get waited on! People were buying smart phones like there was no tomorrow.

And another example, I heard during the past holiday season, Amazon sold a record number of Kindle and Kindle Fire readers.

Yet I hear photographers say, "But Don, people just don't have money. They're not spending."

Uh really?

If your business is off, it is because your "customers" are being customers elsewhere - maybe restaurants, maybe Amazon, maybe many other businesses.

It's not "the economy." Large numbers of people really are spending.

But they are not spending money at your business! And it's time to change that!

Do you want to....

  • Have a steady stream of happy customers?
  • Have more people saying "Thank-you" and "Wow we love our pictures?"
  • Feel more secure?
  • Get your bills paid?
  • Feel great about your business?
  • Put money in the bank?
Let's get people spending money with you! Here is how...  

.10 CDs and Amaray

Nine Audio CDs and one Data CD (physical discs)


Also Available As An Instant Download MP3 and pdf

The contents of these Nine Audio CDs and one Data CD instantly downloaded to your computer as audio MP3 files - a total of 74 audio files and 2 pdf files

  • 27 Profit Modules in all - more than 9 hours of seminar
  • 7 to rapidly increase the money coming in beginning within the first 7 days!
  • Plus 20 more to keep your business growing, make it more profitable, and put you in complete marketing control
  • Contains over 9 hours of engaging audio seminar plus a Data CD with .pdf transcripts of all the audio so you can quickly review any strategy
  • Print out the transcripts as a solid reference
  • Rip the tracks to your mp3 player to listen anywhere
  • Play them in your car
  • Play them at your business
  • Listen on your computer
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What are The 7 Fastest Ways? They are grouped into Profit Modules.

In Profit Module #1 You will discover precisely how to make customers want you instead of some other photographer.

In Profit Module #2 You will see the single quickest way to bring in additional business. Think of it as your 7-day cash machine!

In Profit Module #3 Find out how to have a virtually unlimited number of new potential customers - forever! And do so without any advertising.

In Profit Module #4 Discover 3 important sales strategies to use with your very next customer - this afternoon! These make customers decide (on their own) to spend more.

Also in profit module #4 you will see how to quickly sharpen your sales technique, and that of your employees too, through the process. The better they can "sell," the more you make.

In Profit Module #5 You'll find yet another technique to make as many as 45% of your customers increase their order - every time. And they will be thrilled to do so! It's a Profit Module you will use this afternoon!

In Profit Module #6 See how to set up systems to keep customers returning multiple times each year, and even get "paid" a fair amount up front! Do it now, this week! Increase your cash flow.

In Profit Module #7 Discover the same strategy I can always count on to make my phone start ringing every time I use it. It will make yours ring too.

At one time, this strategy took a fair amount of work, but In the "7 Fastest Ways..." I am going to show you how get most of it done for you FREE, and how to automate it.

These are only the first 7! There are 20 more as you will see in just a moment, but first, think about this...

You probably read a bit of news or looked at an article on a Website within the past 2 or 3 weeks. Right?

I'll bet you don't remember the headlines or words from any of the articles. Don't worry, you're normal.

Think about the last time you attended a photography program. Do you now remember everything you heard?

That's normal too

Because it takes at least 10 times going over information for it to become ingrained.(Based on studies at Ohio State University by Dr Paul Pimsleur.)

CDs (or MP3s) In Hand

With "The 7 Fastest Ways..." in hand you can review the information whenever you wish. Each time you listen you will "hear" something you weren't aware of the previous time.

And so will your employees.

With "The 7 Fastest Ways..." , you won't have the expense of taking your employees to a photography marketing seminar, or the expense of closing your business for a few days while you all travel.

"The 7 Fastest Ways..." program does the work of inspiring your employees for you!

Then your employees will come up with new ways to help you!

And this comes with my...

Risk Free

Every once in awhile, a teacher/mentor comes along that not only changes the way you look at things, but your life.

Such is the case with Don Schenk's "The 7 Fastest Ways to Increase Your Photography Business in 7 Days" audio series.

You will be as excited as I am to implement these concepts. After each CD, I couldn't wait to move forward in getting these ideas in gear!

If you don't own these CD's just stop wasting your time and efforts that are going nowhere and get this stuff. You will not regret it.

Don…I can't thank you enough for AGAIN taking me to yet another level of knowledge that the average photography business (or any business for that matter) just does not understand. That's why they are average. Great job!

Frank Donnino Boynton Beach Florida.



I was in a turning point in the business where I didn't  know if I wanted to go forward in photography or pursue other endeavors. With the economy down and doing the same things for 10 plus years,  business wasn't as exciting as it used to be.

Right off the bat the CD's  got myself and my employees excited about trying new marketing techniques that you explained thoroughly on the set. We have plenty of new ideas  that we are anxious to incorporate in to the business.

I am excited about  the business again and my employees are also.

There are a lot of ideas and examples that you put out there, so I am going to have to listen to them again throughout the year.

Jeremy McDaniel - McDaniel's Photography


I LOVED the CDs! Each CD becomes more in depth and informative the farther you are into the set. I have found myself constantly wanting to re-listen to them and write down ideas and options for my growing business.

This C.D. set is a must in creating your own business!

I am very excited about what I have learned and I am also excited to implement them in my growing business!

Danielle Carson
Vignette Studios
Fayetteville, OH


Take a few moments to see what's here and discover how to have more business within a week, and possibly as soon as this afternoon!


Yes, there is more in "The 7 Fastest Ways To Increase Your Photography Business In Just 7 Days - Plus 20 More To Keep It Growing."

The one trick that makes getting referrals work.############################ Disc 4, See Page 149 in the transcript

Three ways to leverage your photography business or it will lose money.######## Disc 5, See Page 176 in the transcript

How you can completely automate the acquiring of new customers!--------------------- Disc 1, See Page 41

At $25 each, they wouldn’t sell. She raised the price to $250 each and sold out in one afternoon. Disc 7, See Page 278 in the transcript

The one most important action you can take to make your photography business successful. Disc 9, See Page 354 in the transcript

You could lose your name if you don’t do this. It happened to someone I know.#### Disc 8, See Page 304

The deadly Website mistake that can actually send people away! -------------------------Disc 1, See Page 30

How a $39 promotional price gave me an almost $700.00 average sale, and I repeated this month after month after month! Disc 4, See Page 130

How to have an almost unlimited number of customers. Disc 2, See Page 48

A shocker - the real cost of running a business, and why you must charge so much. Disc 7, See Page 284

How to make people purchase a larger quantity by actually limiting the quantity. It’s too weird, but it is well studied and tested! Disc 6, See Page 219

The perfect reason people buy from you. Disc 1, See Page 23

How $50 can be worth $1,000. Disc 7, See Page 273

Two rules you must know to keep from wasting money on ineffective advertising.---- Disc 4, See Page 171

Pbuzhow -Mawreck -Urkle. Disc 7, See Page 251

"...more in depth and really easy to understand, with businesses that we all know used as examples"

Don's 10 disk "The 7 Fastest Ways to Increase your Photography Business in 7 Days Guaranteed!" is well worth the investment!

So much great info that you will end up with pages and pages of notes! This course is not only for the new business owners but a must for established business and especially businesses that are seeing a decline in revenues.

How easy and simple things are to do to build up your clientele!

I have already implemented some of Don's teachings and have seen an increase in my revenues. I have taken other smaller online courses in the past but this one was so much more in depth and really easy to understand, with businesses that we all know used as examples.

I also love the convenience of listening at your own pace, and not have to be connected to the Internet. Thanks again Don!

Rick Barge

Barge Photography


Anyone who isn’t making enough money needs to listen to this over and over. I think your new educational CDs are a "must have" for new business owners and veterans like myself. I have been in business for 17 years.

While listening to your CDs, I learned of many new strategies that I can easily implement in my own business.

I was impressed that your technology information is current and updated. I also got a great refresher on what I know I should be doing that I am not doing. Thanks for getting me excited again about marketing my business. The better I am at marketing, the bigger paycheck I take home.

Jennifer Leasure
Leasure Designer Portraits,Chandler, AZ



It is interesting that many of the ideas that I listen to I have been able to apply at the very next sales call... also you mention collecting addresses, and e mail addresses. I can't tell you how many people don't do this, then when they go to sell their business, potential buyers tuck tail and run, there is nothing to buy, no customer list.

As you mentioned the fear of rejection is a big problem. But it is also a huge opportunity. We recently attended a sales seminar, and the presenter mentioned finding the clients pain, if you can find the pain, you can probably sell them something. I paralleld that with your segment on being quiet, let them talk, and think.

Anyone, in any business would benefit from this set.

Jeff Fruth

Culver Art & Frame Co.



"My friends thought I had lost my mind when I paid almost $8,000 to attend a seminar."

I'll tell you that story in a moment, because something I discovered there will put more income into your business too.

But first, there is much more for you in "The 7 Fastest Ways To Increase Your Photography Business In 7 Days - Plus 20 More To Keep It Growing" such as...

This is money in your pocket day after day without any extra work!------------------------ Disc 3, See Page 90

The bride & groom referral secret that produced many hundreds of wedding bookings. Disc 5, See Page 180

Bad idea - why photographers stop using what works. Disc 7, See Page 270

How to make 45% of your customers purchase more without any sales pressure.---- Disc 3, See Page 87

Ask these 6 questions to get more referrals. Disc 5, See Page 179

My haunted telephone and what not to do with voicemail. Disc 4, See Page 160

You’ll be surprised who already has your customers. Disc 2, See Page 57

Where to find FREE newsletter articles already written for you! ---------------------------- Disc 3, See Page 106

Why nobody is looking at your Website. Disc 8, See Page 316

Why you might be losing customers, not realize it, and what to do about it.
Disc 4, See Page 156

A most important warning if you ever photograph weddings! Disc 9, See Page 332

The eye doctor’s potted plants - how to attract more customers.--------------------------- Disc 2, See Page 58

How to make customers return again and again for years. Disc 3, See Page 93

How and why the price of a product can be 2 to 6 times the price of an identical product. You see it all the time in grocery stores and drug stores.-------------------------- Disc 7, See Page 290

How to make customers decide, on their own, to purchase more, all without any pressure from you. It works virtually every time! Disc 2, See Page 64

What successful selling is really about. Disc 4, See Page 148

The unique referral system that produces hundreds of in-studio portrait sessions from weddings, and what suddenly made it work for me! Disc 5, See Page 181

At $1,500 for just two images, the potential customer thought the photographer was too cheap, and went elsewhere! Disc 2, See Page 67

When a potential new customer calls you, here is how to make them subconsciously trust you over the telephone and want to hire you. It is completely invisible!-------------Disc 7, See Page 256

Every one of the 27 Profit Modules gets right to the point and makes you think.

I have to admit that in some cases it made me uncomfortable because I could see just how many mistakes I was making.

You need to listen to each section. Savour it. Think about how it applies or does not apply to your business. Then you need to implement it.

This is not a quick process. Once I have applied everything I have learnt from Don’s course my business will look completely different. And it will be unique.

If you are serious about building business (the emphasis on business) then you must get this now.

It’s probably one of the best investments in your business that you will ever make, if you are prepared to do the work.

Diana Heuser, South Africa


Extremely thorough, well-presented, and comprehensive enough that it could easily be applied to any size or type of business.

It was really helpful to be able to develop a list of things that I need to do improve my business -- some of which were things that I've known darn well I need to change, but have been guilty of the "yeah, but..." attitude -- and some just downright great new ideas that I've never thought of doing.

It was also very encouraging to have confirmation of the things that I'm doing well, which is helpful in its own right. All in all, an abundance of easy-to-understand ideas, advice, and resources to inspire any business owner to "take it to the next level!

Suzanne Lorenz
Creative Kids Portraiture - Ft. Thomas


They just keep getting better!!!!!!

Your S.A.L.E.S. was GREAT. I always had a hard time closing the sale, I think I always waited for the customer to tell me they were going to purchase the product.

The story about Stevie made me think about rejection. I loved the "soda pop" story. Contrast Principe helped me think in a different way.

Jim Fausz,
Photographic Imaging Consultants
Morning View, KY

How to get off the roller coaster - sales up, sales down, sales up, sales down, up, down, up, down. Disc 6, See Page 221

How to as much as double how much your next customer buys.--------------------------- Disc 2, See Page 64

Oh, don’t do what these carpet cleaners did! Disc 3, See Page 94

The only kind of advertising that works. Disc 4, See Page 169

The 5 step process of Disc 2, See Page 71

Even experienced business owners make this costly mistake. Disc 7, See Page 260

What you must determine before creating a new product. Disc 7, See Page 262

If you use photographs on your Website (Of course you do.) it is possible many search engines won’t be able to read your site, and you would never know!.......................... Disc 8, See Page 319

The simple, painless sales closing technique you can use. Disc 2, See Page 83

Do this or your business will cease! Disc 1, See Page 34

See the 3 levels of what a customer wants. Disc 6, See Page238

How to get tons of FREE publicity. Disc 9, See Page 335

Bad idea - why photographers stop using what works! Disc 7, See Page 270

How to handle an irate customer. Disc 7, See Page 258

The universe changed when you weren’t looking - PPV, PPC, CPA, Sig, backlinks, article marketing, mobli, and QR. Disc 8, See Page 296

  "But Don, I want to see for myself what is on the first disc. Where can I listen to it?"  

Right here. Just click this image...Notice click

And there is more

This university proven sales technique actually doubles sales! Disc 2, See Page 69

What salespeople fear the most. Disc 2, See Page 81

Two words that gave me a 1,000% increase in my advertising’s effectiveness.------- Disc 9, See Page 325

An effective technique to sell a house, now use it to sell more photography.------------ Disc 2, See Page 61

How to bring back long-lost customers. Disc 3, See Page 104

The 2 questions to ask that will let you into a customer’s psyche.-------------------------- Disc 2, See Page76

How to make appointment confirmations sell more photographs.------------------------- Disc 3, See Page 92

Why you need to know the price of a hot dog. Disc 4, See Page129

How color and appearance make all the difference. Disc 7, See Page 280

What customers fear about sales. Disc 3, See Page 122

The lack of this one thing put a 3- generations photography business out of business. It could do it to yours too. Disc 1, See Page 36

How price can have almost no limit. Disc 7, See Page 289

Where the real money is. Disc 4, See Page 142

Two kinds of advertising, only one of which actually works. Disc 4, See Page 167


Did I Really Vibrate Cows? This is too weird!

  My friends thought I was crazy when I paid almost $8,000 to attend a marketing seminar! Yet one idea I got there gave me a sizable increase in sales the moment I started using it.  

Whoa... 8 grand - the price of the seminar, plus airfare, hotel, and food!

Look at what it did to increase my business. Yes that technique was worth it to me.

You'll learn that strategy too. It's in Profit Module #26. But...'s not going to cost you $8,000

In fact not even $2,000 or $1000.

At just $495 it will prove to be a most profitable choice for you.

Make it back

But Wait

I will knock $146 off that price to help make this more affordable for you because I want too. Which means it is...

Discs just $349 for you!


$299 for MP3s download


And when "The 7 Fastest Ways..." gives you portrait sessions each week - month after month - for years. Well, you get the picture.

Even at 2 or 3 times the price "The 7 Fastest Ways..." would be a bargain.

Any photograper who is now thinking, "I really can't afford to get "The 7 Fastest Ways..."

... is the photographer who really can't afford to be without "The 7 Fastest Ways..."

Don, I want it NOW - the instant download of the MP3 and PDF files - 74 audio MP3 and 2 PDF

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Above Guarantee



Successful people don't count on happy accidents or luck.

They literally keep their eyes open for everything they can find to give them the slightest edge.

This Is Your Opportunity - Grab It Now

  • Invest in this program because your business depends on it
  • Grab this now while you are thinking about it, so it doesn't get lost to "do it later"
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If You Read Nothing Else, Read This...

Are you a photographer?

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Do you wish you could make a greater income with photography?

Do you want customers who want your photography?

Would you like to be more comfortable at the art of " selling?"

Want steady business throughout the year?

Want to employ the 7 fastest ways to increase your business in just seven days so they can help build your business for you?

Want an additional 20 specific ways to keep it growing over the coming years?

Want to "recession proof" your business?

Want to know how to earn more money than the average photographer?

Want more sales coming in so you can afford to get out from under your bills?

Want to get off the roller coaster, business up, business down, business up, business down?

You love photography. If only you could make more money from it. Now you can!


Every day you put this off is another
day you didn’t increase your business.

You need this. Your business wants it.

Order "The 7 Fastest Ways..." now while you are thinking about doing so.

I promise you won’t regret the decision.

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Don sign

Don Schenk, Cr. Photog. A.S.P.

"The 7 Fastest Ways To Increase Your Photography Business In 7 Days Plus 20 More To Keep It Growing" by Don Schenk, Cr.Photog.,A.S.P.

Every Day You Wait Is Another Day You Do Less Business

Don, I want it NOW - the instant download of the MP3 and PDF files - 74 audio MP3 and 2 PDF

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Don, I want the 10 CDs - 9 audio CDs plus 1 data CD with the transcripts

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10 Physical CDs Shipped or Instant Download Files A total of 74 audio tracks (9 hours and 11 minutes) and 2 data pdf files

The List

P.S. Some photographers are quite successful. Some do okay, but many are left wishing for more. I know because I was in that group 26 years ago.

I found the way out of that group, and what I disovered will make a solid difference for you too.

P.P.S. Let me ask you something.

When your customers purchase photographs, are they simply buying pieces of paper, or are they buying the emotions they feel when they look at your images of their wedding or of their children? What is that worth to them?

When you purchase this course, are you simply buying plastic CDs, or are you buying the increase in business the information will give you? What is that worth to you?

You do want a solid photography business, and a more secure future don't you?

The information in "The 7 Fastest Ways..." is so powerful, you can't afford to be without it.

What are you waiting for? If it's about money, then beg, borrow, or do whatever possible to come up with the funds, because you do want "The 7 Fastest Ways To Increase Your Photography Business In 7 Days."

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Don, I want the 10 CDs - 9 audio CDs plus 1 data CD with the transcripts

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